We have a huge selection of clogs and hundreds of styles to choose from.

el naturalista

carry btnEvery Birkenstock has a deep heel cup to ensure proper weight distribution and foot alignment. A spacious toe box that gives your toes room to move. And a footbed that adapts to your foot's unique shape.

el naturalista

carry btnSince 1870, Blundstone has made the toughest, no nonsense footwear for work and play. Their products are developed by a team based in Hobart who use the best resources available from all over the world to develop footwear which keeps pushing the boundaries to improve overall user comfort.

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carry btnHealthy feet, healthy body, healthy planet. That's the spirit behind Dansko®, founded in 1990 by wife and husband team, Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup. Dansko believes that your feet are the foundation of your life. That is why every collection Dansko designs is based on the comfort principles of the clog to maximize all-day comfort.

dromedaris logo

carry btnSince 1992, Dromedaris, a Swiss company with manufacturing facilities around Europe and Portugal, made footwear products for top companies such as Dansko, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Chaco and Brasher. In 2007, Dromedaris decided to launch their own line of products that are now distributed at fine retailers throughout the world.

el naturalista

carry btnEl Naturalista is much more than just shoes. It always has been. That's why, since we sold the first pair in 2003, we have always donated part of our sales to social projects. El Naturalista believes in the future. In a more humane, more caring future, in which human beings walk through life travelling light and leave their mark.

dromedaris logo

Our socks are crafted using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques in world-class American mills. Helping preserve jobs, support local economies, and manage our carbon footprint. The world's best socks with no compromises, made in the USA.

haflinger logo

carry btnAlthough the recipe for reliable footwear and superior wool has not changed since the early days of Haflinger, the line has evolved its product offering to include a range of styles - children's slippers and clogs, wool-felt cork-bottom clogs, hard- and soft-sole slippers, and our newest sandal and clog line, the Trend Collection.

ozone socks logo

carry btnOzone Design is devoted entirely to putting fashion and fun into socks and tights. Ozone Design's goal is to bring spirit and passion to one of the most intimate and neglected parts of our wardrobe. "For too long the sock has been ignored by the world of fashion and we're going to change that."

sanita logo

carry btnAt Sanita, we've been making cozy, comfortable clogs the Danish way since 1907. In fact, we were the first to make them. Our founder, Christen Andersen, not only created the first pair by hand, he also created our first distribution system: the basket of his bicycle.

sven logo

carry btnEstablished in 1974, Sven clogs have thrived on making the highest quality footwear with the finest leather and wooden soles found around the world. We create clogs for women, men and children. Every pair of high heel clogs, nurse clogs, clog boots and slippers are handmade here in the United States with pride.

sven logo

carry btnCute versus comfort? We think it’s a ridiculous choice to have to make. Why should women cram their feet into uncomfortable shoes that are delicate and strappy with stiletto heels? How often do you dress like that? Taos Footwear is for the rest of your life.

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carry btnIn 1907 August Johansson started making clogs in in the Bastad region of Sweden. A lot has happened since then but we are still making our clogs in the same place in Troentorp. Take a look at what is new here at Troentorp.